Foxhole Spirits is an ambitious and innovative company that love to reimagine (or rather repurpose) surplus produce. Following the huge success from the first two brands (Foxhole Gin and HYKE Gin) the company decided to push the boundaries further by launching a new rum brand – MAD CITY.

The objective was to capture and celebrate the unique blend of materials, influences, experience and motivation that went into the rum blend. We also wanted to complement the art deco influences seen throughout the rest of the brand’s portfolio. Together we identified Bristol based street artist, Sled-One – with his surreal, natural style – as the perfect fit and artist to help translate and visualise our vision.

Our ‘self-brief’ was to create a label (and brand) that reflects the energy, colour and sound of Bristol’s Stokes Croft and St Paul’s areas – one of MAD CITY’s key influences. With Sled-One, our final design indeed encapsulates the complexity, vibrancy and intrigue, not just of Bristol, but of all the other Mad Cities across the globe.

Label specifics:

The Eye
Focusing on an unspecified point in the distance, its gaze is hopeful and positive, reflecting the energy of the city.

The Fence
A nod to Sled-One’s core work as a urban artist, and to the foxes and other creatures who share, subvert and find their own path through our urban spaces.

The Colours
A warm, vibrant palette inspired by the famous painted houses of Bristol’s dynamic Cliftonwood neighbourhood.

    "We place strong emphasis on presentation as we believe that it contributes to the overall experience and enjoyment of our products. With MAD CITY we knew we had an exceptional and unique spirit and we wanted a design to match our reimagination of the rum category. This isn’t a flavoured rum, or a spiced rum. It’s MAD CITY Botanical Rum. Together with Sled-One, Warren Creative have created not just a label but a complete brand representation that we are both incredibly proud of, to appeal to younger rum drinkers and consumers looking beyond gin"
    James Oag-CooperCo-founder and MD of Foxhole Spirits