Georgie & Henners

G&H Spirits is a multi-award-winning spirits brand. Katie Overton-Hart (universally known by her initials, KOH – hence the name Initial Gin for her first range) is the company owner. She wanted to create a brand with a range of products for the way we live life now. In a world where we have endless choices and decisions to make and be all things to all people, all the time, she wanted a Gin that keeps things simple.

The brand’s personality is very much a reflection of her own approach and attitudes: forthright, confident, determined and uncompromising. We worked closely with her from the start. It was vital to understand her challenges and iron out the strategy in a brand workshop before progressing to a Brand Essence.

The tone of voice and visual language was then implemented through the brand communications. The aim is to empower and inspire our audience; this is a gin they can choose with confidence and feel good about.

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