The making of… a brand video

Spendor loudspeakers transform the way customers worldwide listen to and enjoy their favourite music. Through evolutions of ideas proven over 40 years, the company’s products deliver superior sound quality, enriching and elevating the real-world listening experience; yet their timeless, elegant designs mean they’re perfectly at home in any setting.

We’ve been working with Spendor since 2017, developing a cohesive brand and applying it to a range of communications, including product literature, exhibition and retail displays, advertising and a new website.

In February 2020, we agreed to produce a new video that would clearly explain the differences between their three product families – A-Line, D-Line and Classic loudspeakers.

The video’s principal objective was to support and educate Spendor retailers and distributors worldwide, helping them to talk about and sell each product with greater authority, clarity, consistency and enthusiasm. However, since it would appear on the website, and thus be accessible to customers too, it also had to capture the essence of the Spendor brand, not simply replay technical details available elsewhere.

The key USP of the Spendor range is that all three product lines are designed and made to exactly the same standards of design, engineering, quality and brand ethos: they differ only in appearance, price point and the kind of listening experience they deliver. The brief’s central challenge, therefore, was to highlight specific points about each product line to differentiate them and help guide sellers and buyers alike to the right choice, but without suggesting any kind of hierarchy.

We advised that the that video should centre on the knowledge, passion and personality of Spendor’s owner and Managing Director, Philip Swift. We also determined it must not be a technical ‘lecture’, but focus on the customer’s listening experience and be authentic to the values set out in the Brand Essence.

Working with trusted professional videographers, we spent a fascinating and highly enjoyable day shooting interview-style pieces to camera and B-roll footage. In keeping with the brand essence, we filmed in a stylish but homely domestic setting where Philip felt relaxed and comfortable, and we could place loudspeakers to demonstrate their unobtrusive, easy-to-live-with designs.

The result is an incredibly engaging and informative video that has received unanimously positive reviews from all Spendor’s business partners and contacts worldwide; some have said it’s the best video they’ve ever seen from any brand within the hi-fi industry. You can view the final film below. It has been so successful that Spendor is now planning further films about other aspects of its brand and products, so watch this space – literally!