The 5 P’s!


A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there. Planning is a key part of launching and uncovering critical questions for growing a successful business. These questions can be problems, opportunities, market changes, resource adjustments and anything else that requires a solution or decision.

Planning your Brand Strategy should be considered alongside your Business Strategy. The two are / should be fully aligned and connected. It is not possible to develop a successful business without a connected Brand & Business Strategy. This includes defining your key objectives, how you’ll achieve them and how to measure them; what brand assets are required plus what marketing activities (if any) will be actioned.

As the old saying goes…if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


Product launch

For most companies, new service and product launches are always a key objective – because of the potential to attract and retain customers.

With an effectively planned strategy, you can make sure you’ve got your product in front of the right people, at the right time, in the right way. Many businesses assume if they build a great product or service, people will flock to it. That’s rarely the case.

We’ve worked closely with our loudspeaker client Spendor, over the last six years. Mainly assisting with the Brand Strategy but always in alignment with their Product Development team. It is vital that any new product actually meets their market needs and not just because of market pressures – and delivers the experience their brand has become known for.

The best product launches must also consider the most lucrative audience. For example, it can be far more cost-effective to launch only in one territory and become a market leader, than to spread yourself too thinly and become swamped by the competition.



Online demands

As online experiences evolve, technology improves and consumer demands change. Plenty can be out of your control. But, when you do have the option to control it, it is vital to have diligent planning in place.

So to create ‘success’, you have to plan what ‘success’ looks like. Something we have completed recently for a newly designed and migrated website for Higherground Flooring.

The previous e-commerce site attracted over 85% of sales from online orders. With so many crucial factors changing, it was an extremely complex job that needed careful planning and resource to achieve minimum disruption.

After months of meticulous planning…the new website design, content strategy, user experience and migration work not only met the shared objectives but exceeded all expectations. Within the critical first 2 months since launch, the new website launch exceeded industry standards with improved bounce rates, user engagement and most importantly, sales continued to flourish.

Once again, prior planning and defining a clear strategy, have not only provided Higherground Flooring with immediate peace of mind, but also a clear return on their investment with a leading online experience that will underpin their business for years to come.



Growth Planner

A Growth Plan is a Strategic Plan to keep the Business Strategy focused – not wasting time, energy and money doing things you don’t need to do.

Every aspect of your Business Strategy should move towards attaining the business objectives and the levers you set to determine what ‘Success’ looks like. With a Growth Plan in hand, you’ll know exactly what to do, how to do it, and when. And afterwards, you can measure and decide if that’s what ‘Success’ truly should have looked like.

We have created a unique Growth Planner for our clients that encompasses an overview of everything a brand needs to do to grow.

Contact us to discuss your own growth aspirations and together we can help formulate a plan of what success looks like for you.