Stack Magazines

Never knowing quite what we’re getting next is half the fun of our STACK MAGAZINES subscription.

From mainstream giants to those obscure gems that feature as ‘this week’s guest publication’ on Have I Got News For You, it seems there’s a magazine for every niche, taste and interest. In our own industry, we have a plethora of titles, led by Creative Review and Design Week, and we naturally subscribe to both to keep ourselves up-to-date.

But while the periodical press clearly has no issues with quantity, it’s a different story when it comes to quality. Publishing is warfare, and production values are easy targets for finance departments looking for a competitive advantage.

As people who value anything thoroughly considered and beautifully crafted, we’re always delighted to find a magazine that refuses to compromise. The subject matter may be unfamiliar, arcane, or just plain boring; but if it’s skilfully designed, cleverly written and impeccably produced, we’ll fall in love with it just the same. So when we stumbled upon STACK Magazines, it was like being given the keys to the sweetshop. Created by Steven Watson, STACK is an independent publishing house, producing sumptuous journals devoted to everything from art, design and creativity to music, travel, food, sport – even plants.

Every STACK magazine is completely individual, yet they’re united by superb production values. Everything from the size, weight and feel of the stock to the design, typography, writing and imagery is perfect. They’re the kind of magazines you deliberately leave lying around for people to admire and envy. The best part, though, is that you subscribe not just to one title, but the whole range. So, each month, a different magazine drops onto the doormat – and we never know which one we’re getting. Thus far, every delivery has been an aesthetic and journalistic delight.

We also take real pleasure in supporting a small independent publisher. They’re an increasingly rare breed, and one we appreciate all the more through our work with Yacht Investor magazine. Based in Monaco, Yacht Investor is run by a small team, but it’s making a big noise in the rarefied world of superyachts, thanks to our understanding of the target audience, and insistence on doing the job properly.

If we’ve inspired you to see what STACK has to offer check out their website –

    Steven WatsonFounder