We’ve been working closely with Xupes since 2019 to define, evolve and develop a more emotive, cohesive and engaging brand and applying it to a range of marketing assets online and offline. Building on a strong pedigree, our refreshed identity provides a robust and confident platform, providing a simple, seamless and consistent look and feel to communications.

We established that Xupes sole purpose is to give their clients opportunities to own, treasure and enjoy rare, beautiful and desirable items that once belonged to someone else. Our strapline captures that mission and provides the guiding principle behind the brand and its marketing activities. We wanted to create a culture and customer experience that enriches engages and excites its discerning audience.

After initial consultations, it was clear our Brand Workshop and Brand Essence development stages were going to be critical to the success of this major rebranding project. What transpired was the huge opportunity to strengthen their retail & global business partnerships alongside an internal culture campaign of improved brand understanding and awareness. We needed to better define their purpose, proposition and personality – whilst staying true to their heritage.

From a new logo to pop-up stores and a flagship showroom at The Royal Exchange, London we have created a brand identity with a clear strategy and purpose behind it. We are excited for the next stage in this brand evolution.

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Xupes showroom interior