Vivid Audio

Acoustic engineer Laurence Dickie rose to international prominence (among serious audiophiles, at least) as the inventor of the B&W Nautilus loudspeaker. Its revolutionary design, all smooth curves without a single square edge, was the antithesis of the rectangular box the audio world was used to: it also produced sound of a quality never heard before.

Despite this seminal success, B&W showed no interest in taking the concept further, so Laurence set up his own company, Vivid Audio. Its GIYA range, based on thinking pioneered in the Nautilus, are now among the world’s most distinctive and desirable loudspeakers – with prices to match!

We’ve worked with Laurence and his business partner Philip Guttentag this past year to evolve the Vivid Audio brand, with the ultimate aim of moving it from high-end niche manufacturer to world leader. We began by carrying out a complete strategic brand review, to produce what amounts to a brand business plan. We’re gradually implementing this, but with Laurence and his co-director based in South Africa, it’s been achieved through a series of small steps, rather than sweeping changes. Specific tasks have included tidying up an existing website in line with our new brand essence, and producing ads, exhibition stands and other related collateral.

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