Time for Worthing

Creating a brand an entire town can unite behind

Adur & Worthing District Council commissioned us to create a powerful place brand to help attract investment, people and prosperity to Worthing, by instilling and projecting local pride in all the town has, does and aspires to be.

We knew collaboration and a unified strategy were essential, so we held workshops with various stakeholders, presenting our findings for discussion. Once we’d agreed on the overall direction, we took the opportunity to create an eclectic, optimistic and vibrant brand that encourages users to imagine and define their own future.

The brand identity is firmly rooted in the town itself. The logo is based on Worthing’s municipal boundary outline, giving it uniqueness and local relevance; we derived our colour palette from the seaside and the South Downs, Worthing’s defining geographical features. Across all our communications, we exclusively use imagery from local artists, designers and photographers.

As the brand’s creators and guardians, we’re immensely proud to have led the brand development process, and delighted to continue helping Time for Worthing go from strength to strength.


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