Superyacht Supplies

Superyacht Supplies is a well-established company specialising in provisions for superyachts. Through its global supplier and distribution networks, it can obtain the very finest food and drink, then deliver it in perfect condition to a port-of-call anywhere in the world.

The company initially came to us for branding advice, since it felt its existing identity reflected neither the quality of its provisions and service, nor its extremely wealthy and discerning clientele. Following a strategic brand review, we agreed a new direction that would tell the brand story clearly and effectively. Superyacht Supplies manages the entire procurement and delivery process from source to table, so we looked to highlight how its unique skills and contacts enable it to find exactly what the client has asked for, then deliver it quickly to chefs on yachts worldwide.

Our rebranding work encompassed all elements, from creating a new logo and colour palette to defining image styles and art direction, and a new tone of voice. The brand was carried across stationery, signage, product catalogues and other marketing materials. We also created a new livery for its fleet of delivery vans, to make the brand instantly visible and recognisable on the quayside. Our main digital project was to design and build an all-new responsive website, applying our newly-defined photography style and tone of voice. Although the owners are ultra-high net worth individuals, Superyacht Supplies’ customers are chefs and pursers, so the website is confident, informative and approachable, focusing on quality, flexibility, timeliness, consistency and reliability of supply.

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