My Hotel

The myhotels group has three boutique hotels in the UK: two in London and one in our neighbouring city of Brighton. Each offers guests a balance of award-winning design, unique experiences and a distinctive local flavour. Myhotel Brighton’s cocktail bar, the Merkaba, is one of the most popular in the city. Set in the fashionable Lanes district, it’s upmarket and classy, with its ‘High Roller’ cocktails selection culminating in the Bathtub of Champagne, which comes with a four-figure price tag (and free Penthouse suite).

The Merkaba presented us with a creative brief for a new menu. Each range of drinks required its own uniquely themed page: sophisticated for Champagnes, futuristic for its signature cocktails, and so on. As well as creating the graphic design for the menu, we specified and managed the print and production. Employing bespoke techniques including embossed clear gloss foil and hand-stitched binding, our production values and attention to detail matched the high-end Merkaba offering, adding a special extra dimension to one of Brighton’s best nights out.

  • My Hotel, Brighton – Merkaba