Founded in 1985, Lumino started out as a distributor for prestigious lighting brands. Over the next 30 years, it’s evolved to become one of the world’s leading design and manufacturing houses, producing contemporary minimal lighting products for architects and lighting designers.

The company approached us on the strength of a recommendation. Founder Andrew Small was looking for a creative partner with the right approach, and industry stature, to take what was then the Lumino Lighting brand forward. We quickly established that a lack of formal guidelines had allowed the brand identity to slip and lose focus: even in business cards, we found different fonts, colours, stock and trim sizes. More deeply, the brand story wasn’t being told effectively, either in print or online.

Accordingly, we conducted a full brand audit, evaluating all aspects of the company’s identity and core messaging. Alongside our own investigations, this process included a series of workshops with key team members, to establish what worked, what didn’t, what could be adjusted and what needed changing altogether.

Overall, we recommended evolution, rather than revolution. We refined the logo, and introduced a new colour palette, fonts, photography style and tone of voice to provide consistency, all wrapped up in a new Brand Essence document. We also dropped ‘Lighting’ from the company name, making it part of a new strapline instead. The new identity has already been successfully applied in materials for two major exhibitions, where the changes were received extremely positively. They’re now being carried into marketing collateral and a redesigned website. Unusually, we’re working alongside the in-house design team at Lumino, acting as brand guardians and sense-checking work created internally against our brand structure. This relationship is proving productive and stimulating for both parties.

  • Lumino logotype
  • Lumino exhibition stand
  • Lumino exhibtion stand detail
  • Lumino Brand Essence
  • Lumino business card
    "The new brand direction is a really important step for us. Our brand is much more than just a new logo: working with Warren Creative was an intense introspection and examination of our entire business. We defined our values and heritage, as well as how we wanted to be perceived, both by clients and customers and within our own company.

    The new logo has a strong geometric shape. The letters have sharp edges and defined radii, creating a clean, precise look that perfectly reflects Lumino’s design-led approach and attention to detail. The company’s new strapline is ‘Design. Enlightened.’ ‘Design’ leads and underpins everything we do, while ‘enlightened’ encapsulates our approach. Together, they reinforce Lumino’s commitment to constantly improving the quality of light, driven by its expertise in design, research and development.

    We’re all really excited to unveil the fruits of our work and see how the lighting industry responds."
    Andrew SmallManaging Director