Kinsbrook Vineyard

At 27 years old, Joseph Beckett is the youngest vineyard owner in the UK. We first met Joe in 2019 when he approached us to design some wine labels for his new venture. This was exciting news and a branding project that ticked all the boxes – and fell perfectly into our expertise and skill set. However, following initial discussions, it soon became apparent to Joe that before any labels could be designed, we first had to create a brand, from the ground up. So, through our Brand Workshop and Brand Essence development stages that is exactly what we did.

At the core of the company’s ethos is the importance of family, and nestled alongside a brook within the Sussex countryside, the brand Kinsbrook Vineyard was born. Their range of still and sparkling wines are named ‘Kin’ because they honour interconnectedness, both with their family and their customers.

The vineyard is setting out to be a premium visitor destination in England’s most influential wine-making area. Guests and visitors alike can enjoy a complete experience encompassing wine, food, produce, events and luxury lodge accommodation all within the beautiful rolling slopes and heart of the vines themselves.

We have helped both develop and create all aspects of the brand representation across all touch-points required for the successful launch in Summer 2020 and as a team, we are excited for the future of this brand, and of course, watching Joe’s expansion plans.


    "If you are creating a brand or re-imagining an old one, it is extremely hard to convey your vision for your future business to a branding agency. Kinsbrook Vineyard is a start-up with no previous market-place positioning. When we came across Warren Creative they were the most practical and attractive option, particularly because of their use of the brand essence workshop.

    We would emphasise to anyone that time spent on fine tuning the brand essence is essential, long before any product design or tangible goods. The workshop day allows for multiple people to sit, discuss and create. It is the start of a relationship; it allows for Warren Creative to fully understand and invest in the vision. Without this workshop, time and money could be wasted later down the line as conflicting interests or ideas become apparent. Having everybody on the same page was crucial for Kinsbrook Vineyard with its multiple design needs. The brand essence output has given us a cohesive framework and reference point going forward.

    Once we had perfected this initial conception of our brand’s core message and values, Warren Creative were then free to work their magic. They came up with a plethora of ideas we could never have dreamed up on our own. These truly novel concepts were born out of the wide variety of viewpoints, suggestions and opinions discussed at the brand essence workshop. Considering and referring back to these discussions is essential for balance in the build up to release of a product.

    The guys at Warren Creative have truly invested in our brand and our family’s way of life. We know that the decision to choose them was 100% the right one."
    Joe BeckettFounder