Jaymo Group

Creating a successful brand is more than just a logo – it’s about building something your customers can trust and your team can get excited about. Your brand is the core of your business and marketing efforts, and our goal is to make sure that it’s a consistently positive experience across all touchpoints.

Our latest work with Jaymo Group is a testament to this philosophy. The revamped brand identity has been a success, opening up new opportunities and attracting clients in a fiercely competitive market.

Our approach was to understand the client’s business objectives and refine the brand positioning by diving into valuable data and insights. This groundwork laid the foundation for a fresh company and brand architecture that resonates with the target audience, giving them a reason to care.

The standout “One of a Kind” hummingbird logo perfectly encapsulates the agility and uniqueness of Jaymo Group’s offerings. Drawing inspiration from the owner’s South African roots, we further evolved the logo, incorporating elements from the ‘Bird of Paradise’ Strelitzia Reginae flower found in his garden.

To cater to the diverse services Jaymo offers, we introduced three sub-brands – Technology, Procurement, and Advisory – each with its unique colour scheme that complements the overall Group branding. This structured approach has allowed Jaymo to connect with their audiences, fostering lasting relationships and, in the process, building the coveted brand loyalty that every business strives.