Drawing upon our expertise, we immersed ourselves in the narrative of Fermoie, unravelling the intricacies of their journey from vibrant pigmented paint to the finesse of textile printing. At the core of our involvement was the craft of shaping Fermoie’s brand narrative and essence. This bespoke upholstery and fabric company, co-founded by Tom Helme and Martin Ephson, acclaimed for their success with Farrow & Ball, found its story finely articulated through our efforts.

Fermoie-Spring-2018 Chair

Our objective was to illuminate the distinctive selling propositions, design principles, and printing techniques that distinguish Fermoie as a prominent player in the industry.

By condensing Fermoie’s narrative into a seamless document, we intended to convey not just the visual and tactile aspects but also the underlying ethos that defines the brand’s unique journey.