Charlotte Reedtz Jewellery

From her native Copenhagen, Charlotte moved first to Paris, then New York and finally London during a highly successful career with the world’s top fashion houses. She then worked for a UK jewellery brand and qualified as a gemmologist before setting up her own online business, creating and selling bold, soulful jewellery inspired by her Danish heritage and lifetime of globetrotting.

Charlotte approached us to develop her brand. She had almost no budget, but we loved her ideas, energy and enthusiasm and wanted to make it work for her. We distilled her unique backstory and personality into a logo, colour palette and brand identity, making the different elements as flexible and versatile as possible, with a timeless quality that would give them a long shelf-life.

The business is 100% online, based on a Shopify e-commerce website we managed from initial design and spec to launch and implementation. Charlotte’s limited budget meant she needed to be as self-sufficient as possible, so we set up social media and email marketing systems she could then control herself. We also advised on translating the brand into packaging design and marketing materials.

Brand Essence