Bowls England

Outdoor flat green lawn bowls is one of the country’s most popular participation sports. Bowls England is its National Governing Body, with over 2,500 active clubs nationwide. However, its brand didn’t reflect its status, and its website was not communicating effectively with members, or helping to bring the game to a wider audience. After a detailed assessment, we concluded that Bowls England needed a brand that could unite, strengthen and lead its entire business, not just its marketing communications. We developed a new brand identity and positioning, including a new master logo, plus comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all messages and collateral.

The website is Bowls England’s single most important means of promoting and developing the sport among new and existing players. Over time, however, it had become huge, complex and difficult to use, and we advised that it required a clear purpose and proposition. Based on our brand strategy, we completely repositioned the website, making it professional, functional and informative, yet something members could feel was truly ‘theirs’. We also broke down the enormous volume of content, making it clear, accessible and easy to navigate. Through our clear understanding, branding expertise and detailed user insights, this popular, highly skilled sport now has a strong, cohesive brand identity and online presence, with high levels of engagement and loyalty.

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