Booth Engineering

Based a few miles west along the coast from our offices, Booth Engineering makes truly amazing things out of metal. Its precision engineering capabilities range from fine-limit sheet-metal cases for the IT industry, to steel construction components weighing several tonnes. Booth Engineering has a very clear sense of its identity and ethos which, like ours, is born out of a love of designing, creating and making things that look beautiful and are perfect for their intended purpose.

The company came to us for a new brand identity and, thanks to its own innovative approach, was willing to let us take the lead. So, we took the brand in a completely new direction in terms of look, tone and feel. We designed a new 3D-effect style logo, and a clean, contemporary colour palette that we carried through to exterior signage, stationery and a new website. The previous website had been rather cumbersome to use, and the content focused heavily on technical details of the fabrication process. We designed the new site completely from scratch: fresh, clean and image-led, it captures the company’s confidence and ethos, with streamlined content that’s more accessible and relevant to the target audience.

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