Bannenberg & Rowell

Bannenberg & Rowell Design are world-leaders in superyacht design and designing residences for private clients and real estate developers; collaborating with furniture designers and developing other creative partnerships. The company asked us to evolve their brand identity that reflects its market position and philosophy, demonstrating its quality and attention to detail through typography, imagery, website navigation and colour palette. Building on that initial work, we’ve refined and updated the brand and company website over the years as the company and its market have evolved.

Signal Branding


In 2022, Bannenberg & Rowell formed a coalition to pitch for the contract to design a replacement for the Royal Yacht Britannia. We created Signal as a name and identity that all the partners could use during the pitch process, and as an umbrella brand should their bid prove successful.

Though the project itself was subsequently shelved, it was extremely high-profile and attracted significant public interest. For the coalition partners, however, it was commercially extremely sensitive. We maintained absolute discretion throughout our development work, protecting our client’s confidentiality and reputation; it also meant that had the project gone ahead, the Signal brand would achieve the maximum impact on launch.


Signal Branding on lift

Signal Flagship ad

Signal Branding on bottle and t-shirt

Bannenberg website on mobile

Bannenberg website on desktop

Bannenberg website on desktop

Bannenberg Website

Bannenberg Website

Bannenberg Poster

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Bannenberg Posters


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