Every brand has individual personality traits, just like human beings. Brands that have defined their personality connect better with their target audiences. It helps customers recognise the brand and creates a better emotional attachment.

Brand personality is the driving force behind why people choose to follow a company on social media. Even though the content may be fascinating and educational, the reality is people become engaged with their personalities.



Before you can convey your brand personality through social media, you first should define how you talk, look and feel. Or, put another way – how would you describe your brand if it were a person.

Your brand personality should shine through in all brand messaging, images and communication touch points.

Consistency is key. If your brand’s personality differs on your company website compared to your social channels, it will be more difficult for consumers to learn who your brand is and what it stands for.



A ‘hygiene factor’ is a brand term used within the hospitality industry. It refers to personality traits such as ‘Quality’ or ‘Trusted’. All are rudimentary values that ANY business of any integrity should be embracing.

So when it comes to defining your Brand Personality, it is vital to stand out from the crowd, find your own voice and avoid hygiene factors! It is also essential to be authentic and genuine – your Brand Personality is part of your Brand DNA. It should not only define how you communicate to your customers but also to your suppliers, partners and staff.



With your Brand Personality defined, it’s important to find engaging ways to communicate it to your audience. A standard social media content strategy will include a blend of photographic and video posts/reels/stories. Within all of these, it is crucial to express your personality within the tone of imagery, written word and video. However, we also recommend that every so often, you create a dedicated post that specifically reinforces and educates what your brand stands for. We call these Brand Breathers.

Brand Breathers allow your audience to not only better understand your brand, your values, your personality and your offering. But also become more emotionally attached. Again, much like our human personality traits, the more we express a clear voice, the more we connect with those around us.

Take time to express your brand. Take a Brand Breather.