Foxhole Spirits

Unlike most of its competitors, Foxhole Gin is made using grape spirit. The spirit is obtained from re-pressed grapes, a by-product of the winemaking process at Bolney Wine Estate. It’s innovative, and also highly sustainable, since it uses material that would otherwise be simply discarded.

In 2015, as the company was preparing to make and market its initial batch of gin, it asked us to develop a brand. The name was inspired by the company’s address on Foxhole Lane; plus, the fox is associated with cunning and cleverness, which nicely captured the innovative approach and resourceful thinking behind the product. In similar vein, the gin is presented in a wine bottle, giving it a distinctive outline on the shelf, and reflecting the product’s unique origins.

The transparent label shows the clarity and purity of the gin, and allows you to see through to the inside of the back label. The bottle is decorated with a pattern of vine leaves, providing a subtle visual link to the gin’s origins in winemaking. The tone of voice focuses on specific product stories: the raw material; the unique combination of wine-making and distilling skills required to make the product; and the unusually long production cycle.

We knew that consumers would have questions about the brand, so we pre-empted this by asking them ourselves in our headlines, then providing answers in body copy. The tone is conversational and informal, informative without going into excessive technical detail, and provides consumers with ‘inside knowledge’ and ‘dinner-party facts’ they can share with friends and family (and in so doing, become brand ambassadors for us). Our aim was to give a strong sense of who Foxhole is and what it does, without adopting a self-conscious ‘brand’ tone. And it appears we succeeded.

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    "I really, really like the tone of voice created by Warren Creative. It's incredible how language can transform a brand or product into something beyond just an idea or a tangible object. I'm thrilled to communicate this message to all of our customers. I think Warren Creative have absolutely nailed it."
    James Oag-CooperManaging Director